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Proceedings of the 117th Special State Level Bankersí Committee Meeting for the
State of West Bengal held on 22nd March 2012

Proceedings of the 117th State Level Bankers’ Committee Meeting for the State of West Bengal held on 22nd March 2012.
The 117th Meeting of the State Level Bankers’ Committee ,West Bengal was held on 22nd March 2012 at the Hotel Hindusthan International, Kolkata where performance of the banks up to the 3rd  quarter of 2011-12 was reviewed. The meeting was chaired  by  Shri Bhaskar Sen,CMD, United Bank of India and Chairman, SLBC( WB). Amongst others, Dr. A.K. Chanda, Additional Chief Secretary, MSSE & T, Govt.of West Bengal, Shri D.Narang, Executive Director, United Bank of India, Shri H. Mohan, Secretary, Agril. Dept., GoWB, Shri Ariz Aftab, Secretary, SHG & SE , GoWB, Shri P.K.Jena, CGM, R.B.I. Shri S.Padmanavan, CGM, NABARD, Kolkata , Shri A.K. Das, Special Secretary, Finance Deptt.and Director, Institutional Finance, Govt.of West Bengal were also present. Besides, top executives of State Govertment, RBI, NABARD and Banks participated in the meeting. A list of participants of the meeting is enclosed.

At the outset, Shri R K Mohanty, General Manager, United Bank of India and convener SLBC, West Bengal while welcoming the participants to the meeting requested Shri Bhaskar Sen, CMD, UBI and chairman of SLBC( WB) to address the house.

Shri Sen in his inaugural speech apprised the house of the achievements of the banks in the State in the perspective of action points emerged in the 116 th Special SLBC meeting held on 8th December 2011 where Dr. D. Subbarao , Hon’ble Governor, Reserve Bank of India and Dr. Amit Mitra, Hon’ble Finance Minister of West Bengal were present amid other dignitaries. His briefing inter alia included the following points.

  • Out of 7486 villages having 2000+ population identified for providing banking services, the banks have covered 5153 villages up to December 2011. The coverage has increased to 6556 (87.57% of total villages allotted) at the end of February 2012. He expressed his hope that the banks that are lagging behind will speed up the process and come closure to the targets by March 2012, if not achieving 100 %.
  • The Service area Plan has been prepared in all the 18 districts of the State as per guidelines of Ministry of Finance and uploaded the same in the district NIC websites. Altogether 106 villages having 5000+ population have been identified for opening B & M branches where some progress is also expected by March 2012.
  • The CD ratio of the State has marginally improved from 62% as on September 2011 to 63% at the end of December 2011. It is expected that with the increase in outstanding credit at the end of March 2012, it will be possible to achieve the CD ratio of 65% as envisaged..
  • As against the target of 10.00 lac KCCs to be issued during the year 2011-12, about 5.05 lac KCCs have already been issued by the banks up to December 2011 compared to 3.39 lac KCCs issued during the corresponding period last year. The position reported to has improved by now and year end achievement is expected to be closure to the target.
  • During the period under review the banks have been able to credit link 70380 groups against annual target of 1.00 lac.  The average credit involvement per SHG has also improved in the State from Rs 40000/- as on 31.12.2010 to Rs. 45000/- as on 31.12.2011.
  • After the discussion with the Chief Secretary, GoWB it has been decided that e-payment system through EBT will be introduced in four districts on pilot basis. The districts are Murshidabad, Hooghly, 24Parganas( S) and 24 Parganas ( N).  State Bank of India, UCO Bank, United Bank of India and Allahabad Bank will act as leader bank of these districts respectively.  The concerned LDMs have submitted necessary data in respect of the bank branches to the district authority. The State Government may initiate appropriate steps to expedite the process.
  • A meeting of the committee formed to finalize the ACP of  the State for 2012-13 was held on 12th March 2012 under the Chairmanship of Dr .A.K. Chanda, Addl. Chief Secretary, MSSE & T,, GoWB where the targets of the broad sectors of Priority Sector have been finalized. The bank wise break up of targets has been given in the Agenda book which the house may approve.

Thereafter, Sri Ranjan Kumar Mohanty, General Manager(  Prisec & FI) undertook Agenda wise discussion through Power Point Presentation at the instruction of Shri Bhaskar Sen, Chairman, SLBC and requested the members to interact on the issues.
1. Confirmation of proceedings of the 116 th   Special SLBC meeting for West Bengal held on 8th December 2011:   Confirmed by the house.
2. Progress made against action points taken in 116 th Special SLBC meeting :
i)  Coverage of target of 7486 villages under FIP:
Out of 7486 villages identified under FIP, the banks had covered 5153 villages up to December 2011. The coverage has increased to 6556 (87.57%) at the end of February 2012. The house noted the progress.
ii)  Achievement of 65% CD ratio at the end of current fiscal.
At the end of December 2011, the CD ratio has improved to 63%. It is expected that CD ratio of 65% can be achieved at the end of March 2012. The bankers endorsed the above views expressed.
III)  Achievement of target against issuance of KCC.
As against target of 10.00 lac , 505204 KCCs have been issued by the banks up to December 2011.As position has improved during the current quarter, the year end achievement will be nearer to the target. The house noted the progress.
iv) SHG Credit Linkage:
70380 SHGs have been credit linked by the banks during the current year up to December 2011. The annual target of 1.00 lac will be achieved by March 2012. The house noted the progress.
v) Study on status of GCC disbursement in four identified districts:
The report on the Field Study has been submitted on March 2012, the copy of which is annexed to Agenda Book. The bankers are to implement the suggestions made in the study report.
vi) Bank lending according to the cropping patterns of the District.
The LDMs have been advised to prepare credit plan based on cropping pattern of respective districts.
vii) No collateral security for loans up to Rs 10.00  lac  under MSE sector
Instruction on this score has been issued by SLBC on repeated occasion.
Shri Ariz Aftab, Secretary, SHG& SE GoWB extended his thanks to the bankers for having nearly achieved the target of credit linkage of SHGs.  At the same time, as per decision of the Govt., he requested the bankers to raise the target of credit linkage to 1.50 lac during the year 2012-13. He also requested the bankers to initiate suitable action for speedy disposal of a sizeable number proposals under BSKP pending with the banks.
Dr. A.K. Chanda, Addl. Chief Secretary, MSSE& T, GoWB observed that bankers are realizing CGTMSE guarantee fee from the borrowers for non collateralized loans up to Rs.10.00 lac under MSE sector. Probably, RBI is considering sparing the beneficiaries from bearing this burden. He wanted to know further development, if any, in this regard.
Being invited to comment on this issue by Shri R.K. Mohanty, Convener, SLBC, the representative from Bank of India informed the house that Bank of India bears the premium burden for MSE loans up to Rs.5.00 lac.
Sri Bhaskar Sen, Chairman of SLBC informed the house that there has been deliberation on this  issue at RBI Central Office three months back and further deliberations will be held  to have a national consensus.

Agenda  3. Financial Inclusion :
i) Monitoring mechanism to assess the progress:

LDMs are to monitor the issue on regular basis and submit report to SLBC.

Officials of each base branch will visit BCs/villages at least once in a week on a predetermined date to examine the functioning of the BCs. The purpose is to build up people’s confidence on the BCA.

Some banks have engaged channel management facilitators from amongst the retired officers to monitor the progress.

ii)  Service Area Plan:
 As  per directives received from Dept. of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, Govt.of India, Service  Area Plan has been prepared in all the 18 districts of West Bengal through approval of respective DCCs. A Copy of the list of 5000+ population villages where branches have to be opened  as per revised Service Area Plan has been annexed to the booklet. The service area plans have also been uploaded in the district NIC websites. The house noted the progress.

iii) Issues to facilitate ‘enablers’ and remove/minimize ‘ impeders’ for banking development for inclusive growth.

In addition to the existing Agencies eligible for engagement as Business Correspondent, profit-making organizations may also be permitted to function as Business Correspondents. PACS may be permitted to function as BC for banks including RRBs and Coop Banks.

iv) RSETI :  19 RSETIs are functioning in all the 18  districts of West Bengal at present. A meeting of the Subcommittee of RSETI will be held in the month of April/ May 2012.

v) FLCCs : In addition to  19 RSETIs, 11 FLCCs have started functioning in  nine districts including Kolkata. The banks have been advised to set up FLCCs in other districts temporarily in a separate portion of the premises of RSETIs.

vi) Progress under MGNREGA, NOAP, Scholarship A/cs etc.
Up to December 2011, banks have opened 393562 nos.of zero balance scholarship accounts,723843 nos of zero balance accounts under NOAP scheme and 4124610 nos. of NREGA accounts.

Agenda 4. Achievement under Annual Credit Plan(2011-12) :

The banks have achieved 56% of the annual target of Rs 36300.00 crore under Priority Sector up to the end of December 2011 under ACP 2011-12. The growth in disbursement over the corresponding period of previous year was 22%. The growth rate in disbursement in Agriculture and MSE sector was 31% and 45.66 % respectively on y-o-y basis. The house noted the progress.

Agenda 5.  Regional Imbalance in deployment of credit to various sectors of the economy:
The house noted the observation given in the Agenda Book.

Agenda 6. Credit Deposit Ratio: Already covered.

Agenda 7. Performance of the banks in Key areas :  On Y-o- Y basis there has been a growth of 20.24 % in deposit and 16.53 % in advances at the end of December2011. The priority sector advance has grown by 9.77 %.  In MSE sector the growth is 21.45% during the year. The weaker section advance of the banks is 9.41 % of the ANBC against the bench mark of 10%. The house noted the progress.

Agenda 8. Progress  of credit linked Self-employment Programme:  45910 nos. of self-employment cases have been sanctioned and  44824 cases disbursed by the banks during the   period April to Dec under the programme year for 2011-12. The house noted the progress.

Agenda 9. Grant of Education loan : The house noted the progressive growth of  4.62 % in the outstanding balance over March 2011.

Agenda 10. Progress in savings /credit linkage of SHGs : The house noted the progress i.e savings linkage of 70565 groups and credit linkage of 70380 groups during April- Dec of this year.

Agenda 11. SME financing and bottlenecks thereof, if any : Credit extended to MSE sector has been discussed earlier; hence not reiterated. Under ME sector the banks have disbursed Rs.3501.78 crore against annual target of Rs 6000 crore  during April – Dec. which is 58 % of the target of disbursement. The house also noted the observations on the bottlenecks of SME functioning.

Agenda 12. Improving Land Record and recovery Mechanism : The system of issuing certificates to the cultivators not having land in their own name needs to be streamlined so as to make them eligible for bank finance. It has been decided this year that the land possession certificates will be issued by the Additional Directors of Agriculture( ADA) to the eligible farmers for issuing KCC limits up to Rs 50000/=.
The recovery mechanism is not functioning properly and the NPAs are rising more or less in all the banks. The measures like PDR Act and SARFAESI Act are not working effectively.

Shri R.K. Mohanty , Convener of SLBC (WB) referred  to a letter recently received by the Chairman of SLBC from the Chairman of West Bengal State Coop Bank and requested the MD of State Cooperative Bank to narrate the content of the letter in the house.

Shri M. Ghosh, MD, WBSCB informed the house that Shri Ashoke Bandyopadhyay ,Chairman of WBSCB recently in a press meet and through different news channels has expressed the concern of the bank on proposed amendment of a provision of  West Bengal  State Co-operative Societies Act,2006 by the State Government that  will debar the bank from selling the mortgaged land without intervention of Court in case of default. This amendment will encourage the recalcitrant borrowers and affect recovery of loans in cooperative sector adversely. The Chairman of the WBSCB Ltd has sought intervention of SLBC on the issue.

Shri R.K. Mohanty invited reaction from the members in this regard.

Shri S. Kausik, Zonal Head, Punjab National Bank: The bankers may not have any objection in proposed amendment if any alternative measure is   enacted to recover the loans from willful defaulters.

Shri R.K.Thanvi, DGM, NABARD : The PDR Act is not functioning effectively in the State of West Bengal  where as in some other states  the recovery  performance under this Act is much better.

Shri Bhaskar Sen , Chairman, SLBC (WB)  suggested to form a small group for discussing the legal issues and other prospective  consequences of the proposed amendment in the existing provision by the Government and sending the observation of SLBC to the concerned authority subsequently.

Agenda 13. Timely submission of data by banks:  The position given in the Agenda Book has been noted by the house for ensuring submission of the data within 15th of the month following end of the quarter. All banks need to make lot of improvement in this area.

Agenda 14. Review of relief measures (in case of natural calamities wherever applicable) :
There has not been any instance of natural calamity during the quarter ending December 2011.

Agenda 15. Issues remaining unresolved at the DCC/DLRC meeting. : No such issue has been referred by the DCC for discussion in the SLBC meeting.

Agenda item no. 16. Financing Minority Communities:  The present priority sector Advance to Minority Community at the end of Dec 2011 has increased by 25.23 % over the outstanding as on Dec 2010. The outstanding advance to Minority Community in the State is 17% of the total Priority Sector Advance against the national target of 15%.

Agenda no. 17.  Important issues:
i)  Payment of Govt. grants through electronic mode:The State Government has decided to introduce e-payment system through EBT in four districts on pilot basis viz. Murshidabad, Hooghly, 24-Parganas( S) and 24-Parganas ( N). The names of State Bank of India, UCO Bank, United Bank of India and Allahabad Bank have been proposed as leader bank in the respective districts.
Shri R.K. Mohanty, Convener , SLBC invited  LDMs of the concerned districts to inform the house the progress that has taken place in this matter.
a) The LDM, 24-Parganas ( South)  informed that the District Magistrate has convened  a meeting  on 29.03.2012  to have a thread bear discussion for finalization of modalities in this regard.
b) The LDM, Hooghly district said that the soft copy of bank branch net work of the district had been submitted to the district authority. Most of the Government Departments have started remitting fund through RTGS/NEFT mode.
c) In absence of LDMs of Murshidabad and North 24-Parganas districts, the concerned leader banks informed the house that the process is likely to start from April 2012.
Shri Bhaskar Sen, Chairman of SLBC advised the Leader Banks / LDMs of the four districts to sit together for adopting a uniform approach in implementation of the scheme. He also advised the four LDMs to submit a progress report to SLBC in this regard after 31.03.2012.)
Shri P.Roy, Dy Secretary, P& RD, GoWB : The four leader banks were invited at the Panchayet and Rural Development Deptt. to discuss the modalities for payment of Old Age pension through EBT. Though UBI had sent its technical team, the other three banks are yet to respond.
Shri Bhaskar Sen, Chairman of SLBC suggested that the four leader banks should sit together to formulate a uniform method on the issue. United Bank of India may coordinate for the purpose.
 ii) Interest Subsidy Scheme for Housing the Urban Poor ( ISHUP) :
This interest subsidy scheme launched by Govt.of India has not taken off in the State as yet due to various reasons. The State Urban Development Agency ( SUDA) identified as the State Nodal Agency  for ISHUP is yet to convene a meeting in this regard as per decision in the earlier SLBC meetings.
iii) Interest Subvention Scheme on SHGs. :
Shri Ariz Aftab, Secretary , SHG & SE : The State Government has introduced the  interest subvention scheme on SHGs under which eligible SHGs will receive interest subvention over and above 4% of the interest charged by the banks subject to ceiling of 7%. There is slight modification in implementation of the scheme where it has been decided that the amount of interest subvention will be directly credited to the account of the SHG through electronic mode.
Shri A.K. Das, Special secretary & DIF, GoWB: The SLBC deserves thanks for its’ keen interest and initiative in implementation of modified system of claim and payment under the scheme. The only thing which is to be expedited by the SLBC is submission of the names of nodal offices and nodal officers of the participating banks to the “ Swarojgar Corporation”.
Shri S.Padmanavan, C.G.M., NABARD:  The Union Government in its’ budget has announced “Interest Subvention” scheme for SHG for 30 underdeveloped districts & 150 LWE affected districts  of the country. The SHGs will get 2% interest subvention and 3% additional incentive for timely repayment of loan. So, the State Government has to modify the scheme particularly for Bankura, Paschim Medinipur, Purulia and Malda districts.
Shri A.K.Das, DIF assured that the Govt. will take steps for necessary modification of the existing scheme within a month.
 Registration of Promoters: Bank of Baroda has pointed out that several banks are freely sanctioning Housing Finance to the Home Loan borrowers for purchasing under construction flats from non-registered promoters in the State which goes against the direction of the Housing Dept., Govt.of West Bengal as per WB Building Act, 1993.. Housing Dept. (GoWB) may give their fresh observation on the issue.
v)  Implementation of “Revival, Reform & Restructuring Package for Handloom Sector: As per directives of the Development Commissioner (Handlooms), the “Revival, Reform and Restructuring Package for Handloom Sector” has to be implemented from the current year as a new Centrally Sponsored Plan Scheme. Under the scheme, funds will be provided for repayment of 100% of principal and 25% interest as on date of loan becoming NPA which is overdue as on 31.03.2010 in respect of individual handloom weavers, master weavers, SHGs and JLGs who have taken such loans for handloom weaving purposes, provided the banks agree for sanctioning fresh loans.
In this regard a special SLBC meeting was held on 13.03.2012 at the Head Office of United Bank of India.
The Guidelines of the scheme were annexed in the Agenda Book for ready reference.  
vi) Mega Handloom Cluster in Murshidabad District :
Although the banks decided to issue 5000 weaver credit card in Murshidabad Mega   Handloom Cluster , only 777 application have been received in the awareness camps already organized. SBI, UBI, BGVB, and BOB were requested to dispose of the applications at the earliest. All stake holders like Govt. Depts, banks are to publicize the scheme to the doorstep of the weavers.
Thereafter, Shri Bhaskar Sen, Chairman of SLBC  invited the  dignitaries to address the house. The following dignitaries took part in the deliberations and points highlighted by them are as under.

Shri A.K. Chanda, Addl. Chief Secretary, MSME & T, GoWB :

i) CD Ratio of  the State is to be improved as we are far short of the All India average.
ii) So far as trend of progress of SHG credit linkage is concerned during this year, the achievement may exceed the target. So, the target of credit linkage for 1.5 lac SHGs seem to be very much pragmatic.
iii) GCC scheme is to be made more attractive. It has not been so much popular partly because of lack of awareness and partly for not being schematically effective.
iv) As our expectation is high, for achieving the targets under various sectors of ACP, we have not only to strengthen the supply side but also to be instrumental for creating enabling environment for them who will absorb credit.
v) Where the recovery percentage against credit to SHGs is 76 , the same for other Govt. sponsored schemes is miserably low.  The reasons for poor recovery in other schemes should be analyzed for restructuring of policies, if required.

Shri H.Mohan, Secretary, Agril. Deptt., GoWB :

i) A good number of KCC proposals are lying pending for disposal at the bank branches. According to an estimation of the Department , only 91000 cases have been sanctioned by the banks out of 3.90 lac sponsored cases.   A district wise /bank wise position is being prepared and to be sent to SLBC desk shortly.
ii) Several meetings have been held at the SLBC level for implementation of this scheme of universalisation of KCC but probably the decisions have not been effectively percolated down to the branch level.
iii) The bankers have been requested time and again to have a logical data base to ascertain the exact number of eligible farmers covered under KCC.
iv) There should be a categorical distinction in disbursement amount against crop loan and other agricultural loans.
v) It is the decision that crop loan will be disbursed through KCC and all the KCCs should come under the ambit of NAIS. The bankers are also obviously very much keen for coverage of crop loan under insurance. But from the data of Agricultural Insurance Co. Ltd it is found that only Rs.493 crore has come under insurance coverage during Kharif season of 2011-12 against disbursed amount of Rs.3610.00 crore under crop loan. It should be seriously looked into by the bankers.

Ms . Anindita Bhattacharyya, D.G.M., RBI:

i)  From the interaction with the LDMs, it has come to the notice of RBI that most of the farmers are still of the idea that the KCC is nothing but one kind of identity card like voter’s card, ration card etc.
ii)  It has also come to the knowledge of RBI that false documents are being submitted for availing of  KCC and the branch officials are passing through tough time to read out the eligibility of the applicants.   The Government officials should be little more alert while sponsoring the cases.

Shri Bhaskar Sen, Chairman SLBC said that  Sri D. K. Mittal , Secrtary of FS is personally monitoring the matter with clear instruction of issuing KCCs to all eligible farmers within the specified time limit.  It is also a ground reality that branch managers are under immense pressure in making Govt. payments like NREGA, NOAP etc. but that cannot be accepted as an excuse for keeping the KCC proposals pending. He requested the bankers to ensure disposal of all sponsored KCC proposals within 31.03.2012.  

Shri P.K. Jena , C.G.M., RBI :   It is the ground reality that the branch managers are required to perform bulk of activities. We should take necessary measures to take them at a comfortable level with a view to derive their best towards achievement of goal.
ii) In the special SLBC meeting held on 8th December 2012, where Hon’ble Governor of RBI was present it was decided that the District Magistrates should remain present in the DCC meetings otherwise the entire focus of the meeting is lost. But RBI has information that barring in two or three districts, the District Magistrates are irregular in attending the DLRC/DCC meetings .The State Government is requested to issue suitable instruction in this regard.
iii)  It is also desired by RBI that the concept of FIP is adopted in the syllabus of school education. The State Government may approach the Board of Secondary Education on this matter.

Shri S. Padmanavan, CGM, NABARD : There is one agenda –Timely submission of Data by the Banks. The Commercial banks, RRBs and Private Banks are now functioning through CBS system but still the delay in submission of data is persisting. Timely submission of data is of prime importance for holding the SLBC meeting in time. If the data is submitted by all banks within 15th of subsequent month following the end of quarter and SLBC meeting can be held by 30th, we can get two months’ time to take corrective measures against wanting factors.

Director, Animal Resources Deptt, GoWB :  A large number of proposals sponsored  under different schemes of Animal husbandry have remained pending for disposal at  the bank branches through out the State. The Branch Managers are often found reluctant to dispose of these cases on the plea of absence of corporate circular.

Shri Bhaskar Sen, Chairman of SLBC said that time and again the SLBC has circulated the guidelines amongst member banks and Lead District Managers. He requested the Director to send a district wise/bank wise/scheme wise list of pending cases to SLBC desk for taking up the matter with the concerned banks.  

Shri P.Roy, Dy. Director, P& RD, GoWB. :

I) The SGSY scheme, a national scheme for SHGs has been restructured as “National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) which is again renamed as “Ajjivika”. The state cabinet has approved the formation of State Level Mission which is likely to be formed within April 2012.
ii) As regards mode of financing to SHGs in the wake of recent instruction from MoF( conversion of term loan to cash credit), it was decided in the special SLBC meeting held on 22.02.2012 that the SLBC will collect opinion from the bankers  and forward its’ observation to Ministry of Finance. But SLBC is yet to take any decision.

Shri  R.K. Mohanty,  Convener of SLBC  said that it is a fact that as regards mode of financing to SHGs , the bankers have not reached to any consensus. The issue was referred to NABARD which has also remained unresponded.  He informed that the issue came up for discussion at the IBA Managing Committee meeting and IBA had written to the Secretary( FS)  to reconsider the matter.

Annual Credit Plan of the State for 2012-13  placed in the house for approval.:

Shri  R.K. Mohanty,  Convener of SLBC   informed the house that as desired by the Hon’ble Finance  Minister of the State , a group was formed under the Chairmanship of Dr. A.K. Chanda, Addl. Chief Secretary, MSSE & T, GoWB to finalize the ACP of the State for 2012-13. The group in a meeting held on 12.03.2012 recommended  total outlay of Rs.45000.00 crore against Priority Sector under ACP(2012-13) with  sectoral break up as under:
Agriculture & Allied activities  :  Rs. 23500.00 crore
MSE                                        :   Rs. 13500.00 crore
Other Prisec                           :   Rs.  8000.00  crore.

The bank wise /sector wise target of ACP was given in page no. 103 of the agenda book.
The member banks were requested to re-distribute the target amongst the branches (District wise) with intimation to respective  L.D.M. & SLBC Convener.

 The major action points emerged in the meeting are as under:

  • In respect of achievement of targets under FIP- PNB, BOB, PBGB, BGVB, UBKGB will speed up the process so that the banks can come closure to the target of the State. (Action: concerned banks)
  • The pending sponsored proposals for KCC are to be disposed of immediately by all the banks; the Agriculture Dept may work out a list of uncovered eligible farmers willing to avail of KCC. ( Action: Agriculture Dept., Banks & LDMs)
  • Animal Resource Dept. to send a bank wise/ branch wise list of pending cases to SLBC for taking up the matter with the concerned banks ( Action ARDD, GoWB and banks)
  • For achieving the target under Annual Credit Plan 2012-13 effort is to be made right from the beginning of the year. This will also improve the CD ratio. ( Action: Banks & LDMs)
  • 1.50 lac SHGs are to be credit linked during the year 2012-13. ( Action: SHG Dept. Govt. of WB, Banks & Nabard)
  •  A small group is to be formed to discuss the issue of proposed amendment in provision of W.B. Co-operative Societies Act, 2006 and observation of SLBC is to be sent to the appropriate authority subsequently. (Action: Major Banks)
  • The Lead District Managers of four identified districts will send the current status report on implementation of EBT scheme as on 31.3.2012.( Action: concerned LDMs)
  • The leader banks Panchayat & Rural Development Dept., Govt. of West Bengal will sit together to work out methodology for implementing EBT in the identified four districts.

            ( Action: UBI, SBI, Allahabad Bank & UCO Bank & P& RD Dept. Govt.of WB)

Vote of Thanks:

Shri D. Narang, Executive Director, United Bank of India conveyed his thanks to all the dignitaries on the dais,   senior officials of the State Government,  RBI, NABARD , Banks and other Agencies for attending the meeting and taking active part in the deliberations.
He conveyed his special thanks to Dr. A.K. Chanda who represented the State Government and   enriched the meeting with his valuable views. He specially thanked Shri Bhaskar Sen, Chairman of SLBC for his keen interest in all the issues of SLBC and monitoring those on daily basis. He thanked also Shri H.Mohan, Secretary, Agril Deptt., Shri Ariz Aftab, Secretary, SHG& SE    for raising some pertinent issues. On behalf of the SLBC he assured that the banks will give due importance to all those suggestions. He also expressed thanks to Shri A.K. Das, Dirctor of Financial Institution for his timely cooperation with the SLBC in case of any need.   In fine, he once again thanked all the participants for attending the meeting.

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