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Histotry & Milestones

Lead Bank Scheme came into existence from the later part of 1969. All Districts were allotted to a particular bank under LBS - Initially it looked mainly after Branch expansion.

In the year 1977, the first meeting of SLBC (West Bengal) took place. Three such meetings took place during the year.

Special efforts were made during 1978 for launching of District Credit Plans - Launched in 7-8 Districts - Methodology for launching credit plan was being developed - Rehabilitation programme for flood victims was taken up by SLBC.

» Commercial Banks started adopting PACS & Co op. societies & played role in formation of FSS
» Banks started financing share croppers and pattaholders - 11932 nos. of cases were financed
» IRDP Scheme was launched in 167 selected blocks
» New guidelines issued by RBI for preparing revised District Credit Plan for (1980-1982). It was decid-
ed that 50% of Agricultural Lending would go to small and Marginal Farmers
» 20-point economic programme was launched for the weaker section of the society
» Implementation of ACP as per revised guidelines of RBI started for the period 1980 to 1982 in majori-
ty of the Districts
» National Bank for Agricultural & Rural Development Act passed - NABARD came into operation.
» Tempo of branch expansion continued
» As per advice of High Power Committee of RBI, second round of 2 days District Level Review Meeting (DLRM) was organized. Workshop was also held to resolve the problems in preparing District Credit Plans. Similarly 2 days State Level Review Meeting (SLRM) was organized at State level
» Planning for the years 1983 to 1985 was initiated
» LBOs are to work exclusively for Lead Bank activities and coordination
» RBI instructed SLBC conveners for taking responsibility of overseeing performance of the State in respect of Priority Sector Lending
» Seven SLBC meets (including Special Meets) were held in West Bengal and progress in the following areas was reviewed.
  • 20 Point programme
  • »
  • IRDP
  • »
  • Opening of branches
  • 1984
    » Function of SLBC (West Bengal) was further strengthened
    » IRDP scheme took momentum
    » Massive Irrigation Programme launched
    » Rural Electrification for STWs started
    » Inland Fishery Project initiated under assistance of World Bank
    » Three SLBC meetings were held during the period
    » Task Force was set up to work out strategies for deployment of credit in the State so as to improve CD Ratio
    » Four SLBC meetings were convened. A meeting of the Task Force concerning CD Ratio in the State was held during February 1986 where two Deputy Governors of RBI were present
    » Banks were asked to increase CDR by 10 percent points. AAPs for the Districts were revised upward and linked with development plan of the State
    » Rehabilitation measures for people affected by flood
    » NABARD launched pilot project in Purulia District
    » Vikash Volunteer Vahini Programme launched by NABARD
    » SSEP programme launched in KMDA Area
    » Special SLBC meeting held on June - 1987 which was attended by Dy.Governor of RBI, Finance Minister (WB) & CMDs of some major banks
    » Action plan for improvement of flow of credit in the State was suggested
    » NBWD introduced by the RBI
    » Senior Executives are to visit Rural branches - RBI directs
    » Rehabilitation Programme for Flood / Cyclonic Hit areas of Malda, 24 Parganas and West Dinajpur Districts. Term Loans were rescheduled
    » SESRU Scheme was strengthened
    » Banks have been participating in the programme of service area approach and have taken pioneering steps to redefine planning process in selected villages under new concept of planning for development of villages - prepared people's action plan
    » Group concept appeared.
    » ARDR scheme was implemented
    » DWACRA - Development of Women and Children in Rural Area Scheme started functioning
    » Credit - linkage for poverty alleviation programme/ employment generation
    » Concept of SAMIS (Service Area Monitoring and Information System) introduced - Accepted by RBI & NABARD
    » Task force formed for rehabilitation of riot-affected persons
    » Task force for taking care of low CD Ratio - Recommendations came from the task force
    » Special thrust for PMRY introduced on 02.10.93
    » Special thrust for SHG
    » Member Banks were advised to raise their CD Ratio over 40%
    » Public Demand Recovery Act was extended for Recovery of loans under Small Business, Retail Trade, Small RTO, schemes including those under Poverty Alleviation Programme
    » Special thrust on flood rehabilitation programme
    » Special thrust on PMRY scheme
    » SLBC continued its effort to vacate the Interim Order of Calcutta High Court against recovery of loan from members of Self Employment Loanee's Association (SELA)
    » Formation of SHG took momentum
    » Functioning of Sub-Group of SLBC for monitoring recovery, accelerating flow of credit to Agriculture & SSI Sector etc. started
    » Stabilisation of Service Area Monitoring System
    » Task force for rehabilitation of flood affected persons formed
    » 1st meeting of Sub-Group of SLBC held on 3.2.99
    » Speciall SLBC meeting took place on January 24, 2000. Sri Bala Saheb V. Patil, Honb'le Union Minister of State for Finance (EB & I) and Mr Asim Dasgupta, Hon'ble Finance Minister of West Bengal attended the meeting
    » The BLBC Standing Sub - Committee was asked to function properly
    » Special SLBC Meeting held on 24.10.2001 - Sri Asim Dasgupta, Hon'ble Finance Minister, WB attended the meeting - Package for flood affected persons was declared for nine districts
    » Priority was given on financing Women Entrepreneurs
    » DIC to take active role to recovery of PMRY loans
    » Balika Samriddhi Yojana introduced
    » Emphasis was given on issuance of more and more Kisan Credit Cards
    A Steering Committee with representatives from SBI, UBI, AB, UCO & some RRBs was formed to visit the District and Interact with concern Govt Deptts., DMs & LDMs for smooth implementation of District Annual Credit Plan & other decisions taken.
    » The Mission "Doubling the Flow of Credit to Agriculture" within 3 yrs was launched
    » Special SLBC Meeting was held on 24.02.2005
    The "Doubling the flow of credit to Agriculture" was achieved within 31.03.2006 i.e. one year ahead of schedule
    » 99% of Annual Credit Plan achieved
    » CD Ratio of the State increased by 6% and reached 66%
    » Achievement under ACP - 102%
    » CD ratio of the State - 65%
    » Achievement under ACP - 102%
    » CD ratio of the State - 65%
    » Achievement under ACP - 99%
    » CD ratio of the State - 64%
    » Achievement under ACP - 102%
    » CD ratio of the State - 64%
    » Achievement under ACP - 87%
    » CD ratio of the State - 65%
    » Achievement under ACP - 81%
    » CD ratio of the State - 64%
    » Achievement under ACP 79%
    » CD ratio of the State - 65%
    » Achievement under ACP 113%
    » CD ratio - 67%