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Rural Development & Self Employment Training Institute (RUDSETI) - A movement in self-employment


People living in rural areas are often found to be shy and diffident in their attitude. Lack of proper education and urban orientation contributes to their backwardness. In such a scenario it was found imperative that the capacity building training programme of the rural unemployed youth should be specifically designed for them and the training arranged in their own social milieu. To facilitate this setting up of a special type of training institute was warranted. This saw the germination of the seeds of todays RSETI.

The urgency of establishing such type of institute galvanized Syndicate Bank & Canara Bank to take the initiative and start the pioneering work of setting up of first RUDSETI at Ujjire, a small village in Dhakshina Kannada district of Karnataka in 1982. This initiative soon caught the imagination of other banks too. They also started setting up of RUDSETI type institutes under their sponsorship. This type of institutes became famous for imparting short duration vocational training to the unemployed youths.

The RUDSETIs sponsored by PSU banks later on came to be known as RSETI (Rural Self Employment Training Institute) was floated with the prime motive of imparting various vocational trainings to the rural unemployed youths to make them achieve self-employment and help eradicate rural poverty. The aim was to transform rural youth to acquire productive identity through short duration training intervention. This is to be achieved by bringing technology, training and credit within their easy reach. For this serious stress is laid on credit linkage by the RSETIs. Appeal to all banks, specially sponsored bank is made on behalf of RSETIs to meet the genuine credit need of the budding entrepreneurs.

There are 19 RSETIs in West Bengal. Out of this 6 RSETIs have been set up by United Bank of India followed by UCO Bank and Central Bank of India with 3 RSETI each to their credit. State Bank of India & Allahabad Bank have 2 RSETIs each while PNB, Bank of India and Syndicate Bank have 1 (one) each.

Organisational set up:

Banks are deputing officers to act as Director in their sponsored RSETIs. While making such deputation it is seen whether the incumbent officer has a rural orientation and the much needed empathy for the rural people. Apart from Directors, Faculty, Office Assistant, Watchman, Gardener etc. are also posted in the RSETI. The Directors & Faculties are compulsorily trained at NACER, Bangalore in the Trainers Training Programme upon their joining RSETI and later on sent for the Refresher Training Programme. The RSETIs also have a Local Advisory Committee (LAC).

Selection of Trainees:

A potential entrepreneur between the age group of 18 to 35 years and who has acquired functional literacy is normally eligible to join in the training programmes of RSETI. RSETIs receive applications for the training courses from the desirous candidates or receive applications through different agencies including government department. The applications are scrutinized at the Institute and selection made on the basis of interview.

Other facilities:

RSETIs provide free lodging and boarding to the participants. They are also paid travelling expenses.

Duration of Training Course:

With the alignment of RSETI guidelines with Common Norms for Skill Development schemes, from 13.11.2017 in case the RSETI courses are funded by Government all skilling programmes for fresh entrants the duration should be minimum 200 hours. In case of re-skilling of candidates, course duration shall be of minimum 80 hours. The courses need to be aligned with the National Skill Qualification Framework (NSQF). The training aid and equipments should be as per industry benchmark and as per the guidelines of National Academy of RUDSETI (NAR). All candidates undertaking training in RSETI are mandatorily required to record daily Aadhaar based biometric attendance (morning & evening). RSETIs will organize field visits for the trainees to help them acquire firsthand knowledge on the economic activity of the concerned vocation.

RSETIs maintain Guest Faculty Panel where domain experts are drafted from accredited institutes, Government departments, Banks etc. Their services are utilized against payment of minimum honorarium.

RSETIs in the districts of West Bengal:

UBIs first RUDSETI was inaugurated at Rajpur, 24-Parganas (South) on 14th August, 2007 by the then Finance Minister, Government of West Bengal in the presence of Shri P.K. Gupta, Chairman & Managing Director, United Bank of India. Shortly thereafter on 17.03.2008 another RSETI was opened in the Howrah District of West Bengal by Ramakrishna Mission Samaj Sevak Sikshan Mandir, Belur Math in collaboration with United Bank of India and NABARD. Similarly, another RSETI was opened in the district of Bankura, West Bengal by Samayita Math in collaboration with United Bank of India & NABARD. Till date another 16 RSETIs have been opened by various PSU banks operating in the state.

List of RSETIs functioning in the state of West Bengal:

Sl No. Name of the RSETIs Name of the District Name of the sponsoring Bank
1 UBI RUDSETI, Rajpur 24-Parganas (South) United Bank of India
2 Ramakrishna Mission Samaj Sevak Shikshan Mandir, Belur Math Howrah United Bank of India
3 UBI Shamayita Math RUDSETI, Amarkanan Bankura United Bank of India
4 UBI RSETI, Uttar Dinajpur, Durgapur (near Raiganj) Uttar Dinajpur United Bank of India
5 UCO EDC, Howrah Howrah UCO Bank
6 RUDSETI, Berhampore, Bhakuri Murshidabad Syndicate Bank & Canara Bank
7 ABFETI, Paschim Beguni, PS-Debra Paschim Medinipur Allahabad Bank
8 ABFETI, Bolepur Birbhum Allahabad bank
9 CBI, RSETI, Jalpaiguri Jalpaiguri Central Bank
10 Bank of India, RSETI 24 Parganas (N) Bank of India
13 UCO RSETI Burdwan UCO Bank
14 PNB, RSETI, CONTAI, Purbe Medinipur PNB
16 UBI RSETI, Balurghat Dk Dinajpur United Bank of India
17 UBI, RSETI, Purulia, Hotel Pinaki Sadan,, Namopara Purulia United Bank of India
18 UCO RSETI, Hooghly, near Mankundu Station Hooghly UCO Bank
19 RSETI, Coochbehar, CBI, Pundibari, Coochbehar Coochbehar Central Bank of India

Financial Literacy cum Credit Counselling Centres (FLCCs):

The banks having lead district responsibility have set up FLCs in all the LDM offices. In some cases FLC has been opened in the RSETI. RBI has since permitted the banks to engage retired officers for running such FLCs. The banks are trying to make the FLCs truly operational with stress on off-campus activities as it is one of the potent weapons to create financial awareness amongst rural masses. Rural branches are also engaged in organizing outdoor financial literacy camps at regular intervals. The prime aim is to rope in the persons who are languishing as financially excluded i.e. till now not introduced to the financial sector. Financial Literacy centre is helping people open bank account, do their transactions and also inculcate the virtues of thrift.


At present the following 37 FLCCs are functioning in the State:
Sl no. Name of the center District Sponsoring Bank Lead Bank
1 Howrah Belur Math, Howrah UBI UCO
2 24 Pgs (S) Rajpur UBI UBI
3 U. Dinajpur Raiganj - RSETI UBI UBI
4 U. Dinajpur Raiganj – LDM office UBI UBI
5 D. Dinajpur Balurghat - RSETI UBI UBI
6 D. Dinajpur Balurghat – LDM office UBI UBI
7 Bankura Amarkanan, RSETI UBI UBI
8 Bankura Bankura – LDM office UBI UBI
9 Nadia Krishnagar, Nadia UBI UBI
10 Howrah LDM Office UCO UCO
11 Hooghly Mankundu, Hooghly UCO UCO
12 Hooghly LDM Office, Chinsurah UCO UCO
13 Purba Burdwan LDM Office, Purba Burdwan UCO UCO
14 Birbhum LDM Office, Suri UCO UCO
15 24- Pgs (N) FLC, Barasat BGVB Allahabad Bk
16 24- Pgs (N) LDM Office Barasat Allahabad Bank Allahabad Bk
17 Murshidabad Lalgola, Murshidabad Central Bank UBI
18 Jalpaiguri LDM Office, Jalpaiguri -do- CBI
19 Darjeeling LDM Office, Darjeeling -do- CBI
20 Darjeeling RSETI, Darjeeling -do- CBI
21 Purulia LDM, Purulia UBI UBI
22 Purulia RSETI, Purulia UBI UBI
23 Malda LDM, Malda UBI UBI
24 Malda RSETI, Malda SBI UBI
25 Malda Malda BGVB UBI
26 Cooch Behar Cooch Behar UBKGB CBI
27 Malda Kaliachak MDCCB UBI
28 Malda English Bazar MDCCB UBI
29 Malda Chanchal MDCCB UBI
30 Malda Gazole MDCCB UBI
31 Purba Medinipur Tamluk UBI UBI
32 Purba Medinipur RSETI PNB UBI
33 Paschim Medinipur LDM, Medinipur UBI UBI
34 Cooch Behar LDM CBI CBI
35 24-Pgs (S) LDM, Baruipur UBI UBI
36 24-Pgs (S) Behala Allahabad Bank UBI
37 Murshidabad LDM Office, Berhampur UBI UBI